Coming Soon: Online Transcription from Mocavo

26 Feb 2014

Everyday at Mocavo we’re looking for new opportunities to bring more of the world’s historical content online for free, forever. We are excited to share a new service that will be launching soon – our own web-based transcription tool.

We’re very proud to release 1,000 databases everyday; but within those databases are signatures and hand-written notes that could be the answer to a riddle one of our community members (maybe you!) has been trying to solve for decades.

Our transcription tool will soon be “ready for prime time” and we will be inviting our community members to help index these valuable resources. The tool is being tested internally, and the initial experience is so exciting that we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.



You’ll be able to contribute to transcription projects simply and easily within your browser. No confusing software to install. No frustrating spreadsheets to maintain. You’ll just select an active project and away you go.

The tool is fast, intuitive to use, and relies on the hand-writing detection system that we announced several months ago. Popover windows will appear above the text and allow you to easily transcribe without ever leaving your keyboard.

Our arbitration process will allow us to quickly review every submission to ensure we maintain the quality standards the Mocavo community expects.

Current Projects

When the time comes to launch the transcription tool, we’ll send you an invitation along with a tutorial that explains how to get started. You will be able to join a Current Project with a single click, and our system will immediately take you to a page like the one in the example above. It’s that simple: Join a project and start contributing!


Recent Activity

When you’re part of a community, there’s nothing quite as exciting as drawing from the energy and momentum of the people around you! It’s important that we share a collective sense of progress and camaraderie, so we’re including an activity stream that will be constantly updating as other community members add transcriptions.



As part of the transcription tool, we will show you the top contributors on individual projects, as well as the top contributors overall.


Coming Soon

We still have a little bit of work to do so that your first experience is as rewarding and bug-free as possible, but we hope you’re as excited as we are about the potential to bring even more content online for the world to enjoy for free, forever.